Buying Used Paintball Guns Info and Tips

When buying a new paintball gun, many consider whether to buy new or used.

However this choice can be confusing, and diving into buying a used paintball marker, especially if it is your first entry or mid level paintball marker can be quite daunting.  Hopefully this article will help guide & inform you, as well as give you some recommendations.

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First Paintball Gun – New or Used?

If you are just entering the world of paintball, I would generally recommend buy a new paintball gun.

You are most likely unfamiliar with how markers operate and have no paintball gun teching experience.  Just buying the marker can be a hassle without experience in the sport.

Additionally if you experience any problems early on, you may become quite frustrated without knowing anything about how paintball markers operate.

That being said, buying a first paintball gun used can be a good idea.  Whether you have a specific marker in mind or are looking through the low end market, you may find a cheap paintball gun that is what your looking for.

You can save quite a bit of money buying used and often pick up markers in like new condition.  Additionally if you are on a budget for gear, you may be able to pick up something with a little more or quite a bit more performance.  For example, you can pick up a mid or high end marker from years ago for a very good price.  However I still recommend buying new for a low end marker.

Upgrading to a Used Mid-High End Paintball Gun

If you are looking to get a new paintball gun with better performance, buying used is definitely an option to consider.  You will most likely have some basic knowledge and skills of working with paintball guns.  You may also be familiar with online paintball forums that have for sale sections.

If you know what specific marker you want, start browsing forums.  Check out the how to buy used section below.

Manufacture Year and Model Note

One thing to realize if you are newer to the used paintball marker is that high end guns from 4-5 years ago are still very good markers.  For example, for the price of a new Empire Axe, you could pick up a used DM7 (Dye Matrix 2007).  This marker retailed for over $1,000 when it was released, performs amazingly and is very light.  Most paintball gun manufacturers have only made minor changes to their marker designs over the last 4 years.

Good Value, Cheap Used High End Paintball Gun Recommendations

Here are some older markers that I recommend for someone looking at high performance paintball markers on a budget.  Whether your looking for a cheap speedball/tournament marker or something that shoots fast and light for the woods.

Used Paintball Marker Recommendations 

  • Used 07 or 08 Planet Eclipse Egos
  • Used Dye DM7 or DM6 (or PM, Proto Matrix)
  • Used Bob Long intimidators (2005-2006, heavier)
  • Used SmartParts Shockers (2006ish, decent spool valve markers, but SP is out of business)
  • Empire Axe (newer midrange, but can save a little money)
  • G6R

How to Buy a Used Paintball Gun

There are a few options for buying used paintball guns.  Your general options include:

  • Forums – Buy/Sell/Trade (B/S/T)  Sections
  • eBay
  • Craigslist
Buying Used on Forums

The most popular way of buying and selling used paintball gear is through online paintball communities or forums.  Here users post threads in B/S/T sections and list their paintball equipment for sale or trade, with details and what they are looking for.  Generally posters list a price, often as obo (or best offer).  Generally offers are made lower than the asking price to haggle, but “low balling” is often frowned upon.  In large paintball forums, their is a large selection of paintball products.  Trades are frequently offered in these threads as well.

The downside to buying used paintball markers on forums is that you are not dealing locally.  Some may feel uneasy and nervous about paying an unknown forum user hundreds of dollars or more for a promise of shipping a “working” marker to them.  Feedback is often a way to establish trust with a buyer or seller, seeing their trade experience on a specific forum.  You may be familiar with feedback, which is similar to ebay’s system for seller rating.

Of course everyone gets nervous dealing online, especially their first time.  Their is risk involved in buying through an internet community including:

  • Being scammed (not receiving your gear)
  • Marker arrives not as described (excess wear, scratches, broken or loose parts, ect)
  • Marker being lost (can be solved by tracking #’s)
  • Marker not working properly (leaks, ect.)

Not receiving the marker as described would be the biggest problem to fear in my opinion. The marker could also arrive with a leak or not functions 100% properly.  This is where having experience with paintball guns (preferably mid-high end guns) is beneficial when buying used, to determine what the problem is.  Before jumping to conclusions and thinking you were scammed, the problem may have been caused by a simple O-ring break somewhere in the marker.  This could have happened during shipping, from environmental (temperature, humidity, ect.) factors.  However there is the possibility that the seller shipped the gun in the condition it arrived.

Generally most transactions go just fine.  Most people use paypal which has a transaction dispute process.   Dealing with someone with a large amount of positive feedback can help with the idea of buying used through a forum.


Another option to buy used gear is buying on eBay.  For paintball gear I would honestly avoid going this route.  The ebay market is full of sellers that don’t have much experience with their markers, or are asking too much.  Most legitimate sellers that are involved in the community will sell their markers on a paintball forum.  This markets their gear in an easy way.  I would be more warry dealing on eBay then on a paintball forum.


A third option is looking for paintball gear on craigslist.  The obvious benefit to this is dealing locally.  However generally only low end markers are listed by people not very involved in the community.  It is generally full of low end guns with ridiculous asking prices.  When looking on craigslist you should know exactly what the used value of the paintball gun your looking for is.  I would still recommend looking on forums over craigslist because comparatively you have access to a much large selection of paintball gear.

If your not 100% comfortable and confident buying used, especially on a forum, I recommend buying new.


  1. I dont hear you guys talk about Tippmann markers very much. Are they not good? Im new to paintball and Im naturally drawn to this marker because of the upgrade abilities and looks.

    I can see myself more being a woodsball player.

    maybe later on if I really get into it I would get something more expensive and better for the normal tourney type.

    • BestPaintballReviews says:

      Hey Wayne,

      I’m more into speedball and tend to think electronic markers tend to be a little bit better.

      Tippmanns are pretty popular and have been around a long time. They’re durable and don’t need a lot of maintenance. However I wouldn’t dump much money into a tippmann in upgrades, it’s limited in how much it can improve.

      There is a bit of preference involved though, with the look and feel. If you’re looking for a more woodsball/mil-sim style marker then a woodsball gun or tippmann may be a good choice for the money.

      I just like being bale to have a slightly higher rate of fire and a smaller profile.

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