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  • One of the better markers under $400
Planet Eclipse Etha

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Planet Eclipse Etha Review

Planet Eclipse just released a new paintball gun named the Etha.  It was rumored to be a cheaper version of the Geo, similar to the Etek for Egos.  However the functionality and design of the marker and its internals is quite a bit different.  This marker is like a spool valve, but uses a spring return to return the bolt after the paintball is fired.  The design simplifies the pneumatic operations of the marker.  In terms of material design, the Etha is very similar to the Planet Eclipse E-tek's.

Planet Eclipse Etha Manual

The PE Etha manual has some additional technical information that you might be looking for.  click the link below to read the PDF.

Features and Review

Planet Eclipse is very well known for their high quality paintball markers.  The Ego, Geo, E-tek and now the Etha are all wonderfully designed and manufactured paintball guns.

Additionally, PE offers some of the best customer service around in the paintball industry. The Planet Eclipse Etha uses the same glass reinforced nylon composite materials for the grip frame, feed neck and eye covers as the PE Etek's.  While this composite plastic type material might sound bad compared to metal paintball markers, anyone who has played with an Etek knows that it is very durable and strong.  The composite frame feels very solid.

The Etha also comes with the SL 3 regulator, which is what also comes on the all of the current high end markers from planet eclipse.  These include the Ego 11, GEO 2, and CSL.  This regulator can handle a variety of output pressures from your tank, whether it's high or low.  Having such a high quality regulator on a marker in this price range increases its performance quite a bit, making it very consistent over the chronograph. When shooting the Etha I noticed very little kick.  Compared to the Geo2, the Etha is a little louder, partially due to the barrel tip having less porting (holes).  The barrel is a Shaft 4  two piece barrel, which i believe is the same that comes with the E-Tek. The board does have a variety of firing modes including semi and PSP which is pretty standard for PE and other electronic markers now.

One thing about the Etha is that the trigger uses a spring return and not magnets.  Being used to magnetic adjustable triggers, I feel this is a small downside to the marker.  However the trigger still feels pretty nice and crisp, and isn't very sloppy.

Etha size green

Planet Eclipse Etha Shooting Video and Pictures

Etha Specifications

  • Weight: 2.05 lbs
  • Composite grip frame, feedneck and eye covers
  • Aluminum barrel and body
  • Lightweight
  • Consistent
  • 14.5 " Shaft 4   2 piece barrel
  • screw down on/off asa


I feel like Planet Eclipse has released another great paintball marker.  They seem to understand their customer base, and continue to offer products in the middle price range.  The Etha comes with the performance of a tournament marker right out of the box at a very affordable price.

The features that come on this marker including the regulator are very nice.  The only downsides I see to the Etha right now is the spring only trigger system without magnets, and the noise being a little loud.  However with its price tag, I have to say the Etha is currently the best paintball marker under $400.